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Michael Colavecchio
Michael is a sophomore at Wilton high School. He can help with Spanish and Math. In his free time, he enjoys playing Tennis and spending time with his friends. He dedicates lots of time into the progression of his education. Michael is a committed student who acknowledges the difficulties of school and would like to lend a hand.
Himani Musku

Himani Musku is an 8th grader at Evans Junior High School. She has taken the SAT in 6th grade, for which she got an award from NUMATS. She has participated in several math competitions including Math Kangaroo, AMC 8, MATHCOUNTS state, and CEMC Gauss test. Outside of math, she loves playing her violin, reading books, coding, and competing in chess tournaments. 

Hanan Mohamed
Hi!  Hanan is a senior in high school. Since her  school experience is almost done, she understands how stressful it gets keeping up with schoolwork, sometimes you really need some extra help. That’s why she's here, to help you in subjects like biology, chemistry or maths. 
Ansha Khokhar

Ansha is a first year student at the AIIMS, Delhi. She loves to read books, write poetry and sing classical
music. She’s experienced in tutoring science and mathematics as well. Ansha was in top 1% students
when she graduated high school in early 2020 and got admitted in one of the top medical schools in
India. She knows how difficult school can be while juggling homework, exams and classes and would
love to help students feel a bit at ease!

Connor Murphy
Connor is a sophomore at Wilton High School, he loves music, writing, and science. He can help out in any subject and understands how hard school can be. He’s great at helping with studying or working through homework in order to make sense of important concepts. In his free time Connor plays guitar along with other instruments and rows on the Norwalk River. Connor dedicates himself to all activities so he’s good at helping to persevere through tough subjects or large work loads and understands the importance of needing help.
Likith Kancharlapalli
Likith is a freshman at Normal Community High School. He assists students in Math. He has multiple years of teaching experience online. He has passed all his math classes with A's. He knows that homework can be hard and he is willing to help out in any way possible. In his spare time, Likith likes to spend his time playing chess tournaments, learning new skills, and hang out with friends. 
Cathy Zhao

Cathy Zhao is an IB Diploma student at Inglemoor High School and an incoming computer science
student at Cornell University. She is a reporter and Photo Editor for Nordic News, a nationally awarded
school newspaper. Currently, she serves as President of Girls Who Code, PR Lead of Robotics, and
Historian of the Technology Student Association. With experience as a TA at Kumon and as an English
Language teacher, she has taught 200+ students of all ages. Outside of school, Cathy has played piano
for 12 years, winning awards at state-level competitions and achieving the highest level of certification
offered by ABRSM. In her free time, she enjoys baking, photography, and puzzles.
Patient, logical, and inquisitive, Cathy seeks to understand your learning difficulties and find the best
approach to solve them. Cathy can help in many subjects, including math (up to calculus), chemistry,
English, ESL, piano, and Mandarin Chinese.

Shagun Bothra

Shagun is a sophomore at Fairfield Ludlowe High School. She is an aime qualifier as wells a UsNCo qualifier. Along with that, she has also placed 18th in math counts state. She has taught math for over 4 years and can help in any AP science as well as any math up to Calculus BC. In her free time she enjoys reading, playing the violin, singing, and dancing.